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If you are an entrepreneur looking to break into the “ed-tech” market then we have an opportunity for you. We are looking for 30 start-ups that are looking to connect with the Education Sector and other technology-based businesses.

At a much discounted rate of $700.00 we are offering you a booth in Start Up Alley. With your booth you will receive 2 exhibitor passes that include lunch each day.

You will  connect  with Directors  of  Education/Technology,  CIO’s,  Directors  of  IT, Deans, Superintendents, Directors of Curriculum Development, VPs and Directors of Learning/Design and Student Services. What an opportunity to GENERATE new business, BUILD strategic partnerships and to SHOWCASE the newest and best use of technology applications.

Space is limited! Don’t miss your chance to network and present to a CAPTIVE audience.

To apply for a booth in Start Up Alley please complete the following form – https://goo.gl/forms/9mTUp85vywpSkWIp2


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