Mission Statement

Connect recognizes that the involvement of teachers in technology education broadens the teaching and learning experience provided by the event; therefore, we value a diverse community that reflects technology.

Statement of Purpose

Members of Connect 2019 Advisory Committee will evaluate applications for the keynote speakers, and vendors. Using an operational framework for events designed around “Education Technology”. The purpose of Connect 2019 Advisory Committee is to provide guidance and support of best practices and initiatives that create positive growth in education and technology.

Role of Advisory Committee

The advisory committee has been designed to provide advise, to assist and to support/advocate.

Advises – The advisory committee designed suggestions to improve specific content. Some suggestions could include industry standards, updating technology, purchase of new material, or equipment to modernize and to adopt safety policies.

Assist – the advisory committee is provided to help carry out actions. These actions could include events or obtaining media coverage.

Support and Advocate- the advisory committee will promote connect throughout the community. Promotion and marketing could include identifying industry and community resources.