2017 Innovator Award for Administrator – Stephen Blok

Stephen Blok is the Instructional Technology Leader in the Renfrew County District School Board (RCDSB) who reimagines learning experiences for students.  He is a change leader who promotes his vision for developing future-ready students, through support for innovative programs such as coding and robotics, 3D-printing, content and video production, creative spaces, and virtual & augmented reality. He seeks to leverage digital through connected learning environments that build partnerships and support innovative pedagogy.

Steve believes in providing creative and collaborative professional learning for staff that is challenge-based, participant-driven, and student-focussed through a variety of models and non-traditional platforms such as Twitter, Google Classroom, and YouTube.  Steve has created a transparent partnership between the IT Department and the Program & Curriculum Services departments in order to connect the classroom learning needs with the technical solutions, as well as curriculum and pedagogy with technology knowledge.  He is responsible for the development and implementation of the Districts ICT Plan along with the IT Manager.

Steve implemented a K-12 district-wide electronic Library creating equal opportunity access to reading materials for all students regardless of school size or location.  He is also the eLearning Principal and established a Video Based Synchronous eLearning program allowing secondary students to take courses from other high schools within the District.

Steve works with a great team of dedicated, innovative, and creative people, who constantly inspire him to push the boundaries of education to engage, excite, and enhance experiences for students and staff of RCDSB.

2017 Innovator Award for Classroom Educator – Joe Archer

Grade 3 Teacher who is passionate about technology based inquiry / problem solving driven learning. Married to Shannon, father of three awesome children; Xander and my twins Callie and Abbie. I am a volunteer Fire Fighter with Norfolk Station #2 Port Dover, Digital Lead Learner in Grand Erie. I love learning new and excited tech-based programs that will support and help engage and challenge all my students and families that I work with throughout the Board. Eager to collaborate, share and learn with and from people globally! I am a Twitter lover and Blogger too! Remind101 Connected Educator, Write to Give and Strong Start Ambassador, Microsoft Certified Educator, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, Microsoft Surface Expert, Microsoft Trainer and Ignite 2017 Speaker; on The Power of Twitter in Education.





2017 Innovator Award for Technician – Dino Giancola

It may have begun with the Timex Sinclair, probably before that… in any case, a lifelong interest in new technologies and a passion for learning, began at an early age for Dino, and continues to this day. While living in Montreal, he found himself at the forefront of digital audio production and editing when it was largely considered impossible to do on a PC in realtime. With an insatiable curiosity, he began collaborating with artists from every walk of life, providing technical guidance, expertise and problem solving to everyone from filmmakers to fire eaters. In his present position with the Faculty of Education at Brock University, he hopes to encourage technological curiosity in future teachers, to enhance their comfort level and to demonstrate that ed tech is indeed accessible and has virtually unlimited potential and benefit in the classroom in every subject area and at every grade level. It has been said that ‘Education is
what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school’, however Dino’s mission is to make every students’ time at Brock a little more memorable.